Read Lizbeth’s post again. She nails it. It’s not about a lack of sympathy but rather asking how we as a society can truly help the misfortunate.

  • Limit the guest list.

  • You should not feel obligated to invite every kid that the birthday child has come in contact with over the past year.

  • Nor should you feel like you need to invite the parents of every child.

  • I committed the worst sin a baseball fan can make: I left a no hitter.

  • It was the Rock Cats vs. Binghamton Mets game last Tuesday night. Whether you can only afford a monthly membership or a full/lifetime membership, there are alternatives ideal for you.

  • It is always possible to save up on expenses even though you are still filling up your Ipod with the music of your choice. Through inexpensive sites, getting the music of your choice without extra cost is a good probability. A terrible irony, she says, is that character homes were built with old growth wood and, if cared for, will be still standing 100 years from now. The City of Vancouver pegs the lifespan of a modern house at 60 years, although it’s more likely 30, Adderson says. That’s if the house can withstand the pressures of today’s housing market.

  • It will get even better with another year of age. (Panebianco, New York)3.

  • Left Foot Charley Michigan Riesling Dry 2011Michigan? As is often said, all 50 states now make wine, but Michigan is one of a handful making notable wines with excellent potential. The first or second time that happens, it’s a solid punchline.Unfortunately, Ninja Slayer only has the one idea “what if we made the worst, most hackneyed action show ever, intentionally.” That could work for a five minute short, but Ninja Slayer has twenty six twelve minute episodes. By the time the third episode or so rolls around, the show has already abused every possible permutation of “what if ninjas talked and acted in half translated nonsense and clashed in the most visually uninspired manner” several times.

  • By the time the twelfth arrives, Ninja Slayer feels like actual punishment.The show attempts to give itself some sort of dramatic thrust, eventually complicating Ninja Slayer’s story with a variety of side characters and longer arcs. But that’s not to say the situation is painless. “The problem is that if there’s inflation, the cost of living is going up.

  • It’s already been very difficult for people like my mother, who laddered her CDs and was just trying to live on her interest and not pull down principal.

  • Among the top toy trends for the upcoming holiday season are toys that teach the basics of coding even to preschoolers and take for granted kids’ innate technological savvy. But many of these gadgets come with a hefty price tag.

  • Do they really hold up against the timeless classics like trains, dolls and puzzles.