Costly Kingston High School

Costly Kingston High School renovations explained to Ulster County business leaders KINGSTON Glum faces greeted Kingston School District Superintendent Paul Padalino when he delivered the price tag for the proposed High School renovation at Ulster County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday morning.

  • project is not about want, this project is about need, Padalino told the group.

  • project is not about we afford it, this project is about we afford not to do it.

    We not going to pretend this will be cheap and easy, Kingston High School has served this community well for 100 hundred years.

  • The cost of this investment is $137.5 million. About 60 percent of that cost is covered by state aid.

  • The superintendent noted that an average home property tax increase would only amount to $17 per month the cost of one takeout pizza.

  • District officials scheduled a special referendum on the matter, to be held just before Christmas, on December 10.

  • If the measure fails, administrators must go back to the drawing board and come up with a better plan. January 2012, the district has embarked on a system wide restructuring on how we deliver education to our students, Padalino said. looked at every aspect of our organization, and made the changes necessary to function in our new reality.

    We have changed the way we operate our organization. It important to know we not doing this in a vacuum.

  • This is part of the overall vision, fiscally we become more efficient and effective.