But are we really better off

Because more than a third of Americans say they are worse off than they were five years ago, according to a new Federal Reserve report.

  • Less than half those surveyed said they couldn’t even cover a $400 expense without borrowing or selling something. In a recent poll shows 76 percent of adults lack confidence that their kids will have a better life than they do.

    The four recently filed complaints allege various accessibility issues at the three properties. Trump’s golf course in Doral does not have properly accessible parking, bathroom doors, curbs or tables in the bar area, said Nick Pavlak, who filed the complaint after visiting the course. Additionally, just two of the club’s 16 room types are accessible.

  • In the 2012 elections, retired Bain Capital executive Ed Conard attempted to hide his $1 million contribution to a super PAC supporting his former boss, Mitt Romney, through an LLC called W Spann. In his case, W Spann LLC took itself out of business immediately after making the contribution.

  • Conard eventually came forward amid media coverage of the donation..

    Her first show, Gotta Get It, a food gadget show, premiered in 2007, followed by Cooking for Real, How’d That Get On My Plate and Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson.

    Her cooking style combines classic comfort foods along with unique flavors inspired by her many travels. With an understanding of everyday life and the belief that real people deserve down to earth, delicious meals, Sunny offers real food for real life.

  • People who consider themselves lovers, including proponents of trap neuter release (TNR) programs that sterilize but then abandon domestic cats and so should more aptly be called mean to consign cats to such ghastly fates, but in leaving them outside to fend for themselves, they do.

  • The average life expectancy of an cat is about two to five years compared with 12 to 15 years for a cat who lives indoors. Feral cats, as well as homeless domesticated cats who have been set loose outdoors by shelters seeking to avoid the criticism that they might face from euthanizing them, commonly suffer and die from feline leukemia, feline AIDS, and other infectious diseases even rabies.

    These researchers looked at IBM time logs and surveyed workers to find a “break point” that is, the number of work hours per week at which 25% of people felt stressed about their time. If you had to be in an office at certain hours, this hit at 38 hours per week.