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We can only register our opinions.Next, if the casino is built, it will be one of Moul’s consituencies. We will face the prospect of a new special interest, possibly fighting our interests.

  • The casino will be the insiders and WE will be the outsiders, in Moul’s world.I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, that’s the impression I’m gathering in the disparity in the voices of many of the pro casino people who post their comments to this forum. Also, I don’t see a direct personalization to it. It’s the same gesture for all.

  • It’s not granular (different folds for different folks). The objective is to assess whether the objectives and execution capabilities of the counter party and whether he/she is someone IP can work with especially when things go wrong.

  • This may be supplemented by information from IP network of contacts on the ground. If there is a certain comfort level, the deal goes to the next level.. But it enters a highly competitive market and we’ve put it up against some of the best small budget cars around, in the form of the Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Getz and Ford Ka. Does the Proton have what it takes to come out on top?It’s difficult to see who the Satria Neo is aimed at. With its athletic styling, boomy exhaust and Lotus badging, it’s trying to be a hot hatch, but the cabin and handling are far from sporty.
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  • I did not get much stuff.

  • Shopping in Bangkok is MUCH better and cheaper! Planned to get Soap and Glory’s stuff but I find them much more pricey than the UK.

  • I thought that it’d be cheaper for my friend who’s living in Manchester to get it for me! Anyway, items were purchased off Boots, Watsons and King Power (Phuket’s duty free at departure, after immigration). At Two Bit Retro Arcade, you don have to worry about all the random, important to semi important people in your life friends, colleagues, second cousins who happen to live in the city, that guy you once dated and for some reason invited to your birthday party along, because the bar sheer number and variety of arcade games is bound to keep them occupied. Steer clear of the bar heat lamp pizzas in favor of nearby after hours eateries like Pommes Frites or Empire Biscuit, but do bring lots of quarters for Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Paperboy, and the pinball machines.