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Shi will receive a $10,000 award. “The innovative work of Zheng and Shi illustrates the impact engineers can have on addressing the greatest challenges faced by our society, Ares Rosakis, chair of Caltech’s Division of Engineering and Applied Science and the Theodore von K rm n Professor of Aeronautics and professor of mechanical engineering said in a statement. “They are two electrical engineering students who have chosen to focus their research on improving diagnostic tools for diseases such as malaria and leukemia.” Zheng developed his invention under the guidance of Changhuei Yang, professor of electrical engineering and bioengineering at Caltech. And I had already seen a couple of shops selling jewellery of glowing gold.So could those wise men have come from Oman? Ali was non committal on that.

  • But he did say that Oman has been the centre of the frankincense trade for at least 5000 years.Omani frankincense was burned in temples in ancient Egypt and in the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Today it is still used ceremonially and to give homes a pleasant atmosphere but it is also increasingly used in medicines.Frankincense like myrrh consists of the congealed gum from a tree, in this case the boswellia tree, found on the Arabian Peninsula, mainly in Oman, Yemen and Somalia.”With incense,” Ali explained, “you have to mix herbs and other things together to produce the scent. What do I pay for that you can teach me to do for less or for free? Here’s a good example. I thought that my cellphone was too expensive and a friend told me that she could renegotiate my bill. After an hour on the phone with my cell and cable provider, I had the same service for $1,600 less per year.

  • Grabyourwallet has been more effective than people thought it would be, Schiffer said of the boycott organizers. Are dogged. Ivanka Trump company did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

  • “I was never a fan of iconic buildings because so many of them are rather generic,” he says. But Elbphilharmonie is exceptional, located in the geographical heart of the city, on a site that demanded some exceptional public use. “There were architects saying this is on the verge of being unbuildable, but that is what makes it unique.”. They’ve been teasing us for over a year, and now it’s here the much touted, full scale production of “Les Miserables.” Not the kind of show to try at home, but Riverside had an automatic strength for obtaining the licensing rights in artistic director Patrick A’Hearn. Mr. A’Hearn spent three years performing with the original Broadway cast and has transferred that experience into the detail loving direction that can be seen now through Nov.