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It is kind of amazing that so (comparatively) few people have seen this video clip of Senator Rand Paul, making what are a few stunning confessions on the part of the Senate. Sure, it doesn’t involve kittens or babies dressed in strange outfits, but every once in a while, something of actual importance to the future of democracy ought to seep through into our consciousness. Here, Sen. If there’s one thing the diggers did die for, it’s so that we may say “this isn’t what our diggers died for,” when we don’t like things other people are saying or doing. My granddad didn’t die in the bloody war for this bloody politically correct easily offended nonsense society, except I don’t want you to say anything offensive or politically incorrect today. Don’t say anything offensive about diggers, who apparently died for our right to free speech on all the other days of the year. The boldest among us will pay $1,500 for their insurance. They’re the ones who opted for the Apple Watch Edition with an 18 karat gold case. Eight different styles of the Edition model are available. Great acoustics and fun people create a creative atmosphere where you can perform. There is no cover charge. Friday Night Euchre Hosted by St. Many of us industrialists, farmers, and individual home owners put short run financial benefits from using our rivers as cheap sewers above protecting public health or our descendants heritage.

Many of us should be embarrassed talking about our so called beloved Great Lakes. Sure they are one fifth of the unfrozen fresh water in the entire world, but we think of them as a resource to trash in the name of easy money. The truth is the white poppy campaign is a cheap attempt by an activist group to try to subvert a solemn non partisan day of observance. Shameful.? QMI Agency YOUR CALL Wetaskiwin Times Online poll What do you think of the white poppy campaign? n Great, I support it n It?s an awful idea n Why not wear both red and white? 14% No 86% Yes Last week?s question: Should schools have an honour roll or give out awards for academic achievement? Time to lose the egos and show appreciation So, in case there was an ambiguity surrounding my feelings on the white poppy campaign, let me be clear. Like its dinner choices, Laudisio’s desserts range from classic to contemporary, and I highly recommend the three dessert sampler ($10), when dining with others. Too many restaurants serve excessive portions of desserts with inflated prices, and I appreciate the option to partake in a sweet taste without consuming half again the meals calories. However, for purists looking for one choice, I recommend the Tahitian vanilla bean crme brulee ($8), a light and airy custard spiced with blackberries and caramelized.